Do I need to send my gauges to you?
Yes, we will alter your gauges, rockers, and HVAC controls so you get back exactly what you sent. 

How long will my truck be down to do a full set?
As of right now, and this may change and we will update this section accordingly, but if you get them to us by a Friday, they will go back out on Monday. HOWEVER, if you are building a truck or working on a longer project we request to have the set sent over to us right away so we can work on it between orders that come in for trucks that shut down for us. 

Do I need to send my KW indicators to you?
Yes/No, you CAN send us your hardware and we can alter the label and illumination light and send them back to you for a cheaper price than if we order the indicator hardware new. So, to save you money we'll need your hardware.

Do I need to send in my Peterbilt indicators to you?
No, you do not have to. Place the order through the website and we'll work to get them done in the order they were received. You'll get an email notification once your item is completed and shipped.

How long do you need my 2006 and newer gauges to do gauge faces and lights?
At this time we would need the set for about 5 days. We would do everything we can to get them out the door sooner but to be safe and for planning on both ends we are sitting at 5 days right now. 

I have a truck older than 2006, what can you do with my gauges?
There are some 2005 gauges that were switched over to the sealed gauge style that we can work with but it is very very rare. If you have the gauge style that has the 194/T10 bulb in the back, at this time there isn't anything we can do for you. We will be updating the store in time to include ordering these bulbs so check back later for those.

What are my design limits to the KW 2006+ toggle extensions?
We recommend sticking with simplicity. The simpler the better. However, we're always open to a challenge and love to see other creative ideas, feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Can you do color changing gauge lights?

Do you have a warranty?
Yes! We have a one year warranty on the lights as long as you (the original order holder) are the owner of the truck. We do not warranty the gauges as what we do to them does not affect their working capabilities and mechanical workings. 

How accurate are the gauges after you are done altering them?
We strive to have them within +/- 1/2 a needle width from where they were factory. The air suspension gauge is the one that is almost impossible to achieve and we strongly encourage the driver to re-calculate their air gauge use without relying on their accuracy until a proper weight can be set to their new settings. Also, please do not run your fuel into the bottom of the E just to find out it's 1/2 needle off isn't in your favor. We do not offer road side towing or fuel assistance (and its hard on your fuel pump anyway!).