Everything in a full 20 gauge set for the 2006 and newer gauges will fit neatly, snug, secure, and with padding in a LARGE USPS Flate Rate box, it's the box we use to ship most orders back in regardless of carrier.  To help ensure it all fits, we DO NOT need the screw on cups for the back of the gauges.  They take up extra room, extra weight, and some of you have been known to crank them down so tight putting them back on that we fight to release them again.  So please keep the screw on part off the back of the gauge with the truck. To save a little more room, the quick connect fittings on the air gauges can stay with the truck as well (no needed, but does make a little more room). If you choose to take them off it requires an 8mm wrench on the stem and a 9/16 wrench on the fitting. By doing all this, you can fit everything with some bubble wrap around the cluster, hvac, and between layers of gauges and have room for all the rockers to fit in the middle.  They do not need to be individually wrapped this way either because everything is a nice snug fit so they won't get tossed around.


DO NOT request a signature to receive your shipped items! We are not always around; and our USPS, UPS, and FedEx drivers come at different times every day because we do not live in a city. Requiring a signature will delay the delivery and very well stop the delivery until the following Monday when they are supposed to be done and sent back.  NO SIGNATURE!

All 3 major shippers come out here to our address. However, we prefer UPS for incoming packages. We have known our carrier for over 8 years and has access to our locked front porch in order to get packages out of the weather.  **we are in no way shape or form promoting UPS or any of its affiliates or any of that other legal garbage that you will not read, and I do not want to deal with** Ship with whatever is convenient for you and you feel safe and comfortable using.

REPAIRS (no, we don't like to see it either)

If sending an item in for repair, make sure the return address on the label is the address you want us to send the package back to.  If you do not want it sent to that address (using a ups store etc) then make sure you include some form of a piece of paper inside the package that states where you want the package shipped back to!


There will be no refunds after 24hrs of placing an order.  Everything we do is custom designed and built to your request.  Many times we have everything on hand in stock but due to availability of some materials we have to order them when your order comes through.  Ordering of these materials is placed (if needed) within 48hrs of your ordering coming through the website.  If you made a mistake in placing an order, please contact us via email ASAP so we can sort out any issues you may have.  After the 24hr deadline, we will be unable to refund your order in full.





Effective 5/4/2021 and until further notice, we will be shipping all small orders (indicators and single gauge repairs) through USPS.  All larger box orders of gauges will be shipped using pickup service from UPS.